The Foundation for Independence (FI) aims to highlight the benefits of leaving the EU and regaining our independence, and to draw attention to the positive developments and news arising from our departure. We will also be holding the government to account, and campaigning for a meaningful future relationship – ensuring we achieve a full free trade deal with the EU that still ensures we take back control of our laws, borders, money and trade.

The FI is not party political, we will be working with people from across the spectrum. Our foremost aim is honouring the referendum result of 23 June 2016, and that means primarily that decisions about our country are taken by people accountable to the British public. Fundamentally, it is a question of sovereignty.  

There will likely be a well resourced ‘rejoin’ campaign with significant media access and parliamentary support. It is critical that such a campaign – and its claims – are opposed. 

Through social media, events, articles and interviews we aim to provide a voice for all those in favour of an independent Britain as a democratic nation state. We will work with partners to influence and develop policy now that the UK is outside of the EU.

We are pro-Europe, pro-trade and pro-migration; we simply believe that the British public should control our policies on these areas via our own democratic institutions. 

The UK will always be a close friend and partner to our European neighbours. But as economic trends show, we also need to be forging links with the rest of the world. And that is the kind of country we will be pushing for: democratic, accountable, outward looking,innovative – the UK in the 21st century.