Independent Business Network

We are delighted to launch the Foundation for Independence Business Network. 

For too long existing business groups have been representing a narrow, unrepresentative view of Brexit. During the referendum and since, we have seen well-established groups, such as the CBI, working to undermine the democratic will of the British people.

The Foundation for Independence Business Network will speak for the overwhelming majority of the business community to seize the opportunities Brexit provides.

Brexit Britain should be pro-enterprise and work to break down the power of monopolies and their domineering influence on public policy and the regulatory landscape.

The majority of businesses in the UK are family owned or family run. Including the self-employed they constitute 85% of the private sector and they employ almost 55% of all workers. These businesses are the backbone of our economy.

In the future when government wants to speak to a constructive business voice the Foundation for Independence Business Network will be ready to engage.

Independent Business Network Membership

£ 100 Yearly