Key People

John Longworth

John Longworth Co-founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Independence. He was Director-General of the Chamber of Commerce from 2011-2016. He Co-Chaired the Leave Means Leave campaign and was a Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber in 2019. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Economists for Free Trade and the Advisory Council of the IEA.

John Mills

John Mills is Co-founder and President of the Foundation for Independence. He is the Chairman and founder of the consumer goods company JML, and is an economist and author. He was a former Chair of Vote Leave in the 2016 referendum, and founded Labour Leave. In the 1975 referendum John was the national agent for the NO campaign. John is known for his writing on the exchange rate, Labour Party and Brexit.

Daniel Hodson

Daniel Hodson is Co-Founder of the Foundation for Independence and Vice-Chairman. He was on the Board of Business for Britain and served as Honorary Treasurer. During the 2016 referendum Daniel served as one of the Directors of Vote Leave. He is the former CEO of LIFFE and Director of the London Clearing House. Daniel has worked in business and is the Chairman of City for Britain.

Brendan Chilton

Councillor Brendan Chilton is co-founder and CEO of the Foundation for Independence. Alongside his notable work serving the people of Ashford since 2011 as a local Councillor, Brendan also headed up the Labour Leave campaign in the referendum. An avid writer, Brendan’s articles have been featured in the Telegraph, Spiked-Online and Brexit Central. Brendan is well known for bridging political divides, a firm favourite amongst those who would usually be his political opponents; he demonstrated at multiple Leave rallies that there certainly is such a thing as left wing Brexiteers, and they have plenty to say.

Tom Bohills

Tom Bohills is co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Foundation for Independence. Outside of being a prominent city lawyer, Tom is an ardent Brexiteer. Co-Founder of the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs, Tom is dedicated to ensuring the promises made to businesses are kept throughout the Brexit process. Tom is a Brexit Central author, and has appeared on the Youtube channel, 'The New Culture Forum'.