Liz Truss has culled pernicious EU tariffs, but kept a few as negotiating leverage

Written by John Longworth

Zero tariffs should be our objective to reach as soon as practicable. Ongoing talks with the EU and USA will decide the timing

ver since the abolition of the corn laws in the early 19th Century, it has been generally accepted in the Anglosphere that tariffs are self-harm. Of course, the mercantilist continental Europeans believe in a protectionist beggar thy neighbour approach, as we have seen highlighted during the coronavirus crisis even within the EU. 

Brexit provides an opportunity to free ourselves from the dead hand of these pernicious taxes, improve the standard of living for the many and boost the economy at the same time. 

Liz Truss has announced this week new most favoured nation (MFN) tariff schedules for a post Brexit Britain and they make interesting reading.

Read more over at The Telegraph


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