Pro-Brexit business lobby group launched after pro-remain CBI is sidelined by Boris Johnson

The cross-party Foundation for Independence will provide an “alternative, post-Brexit voice”

Leading Brexiteer businessmen have launched a new “voice for business” intended to rival a prominent lobby group criticised by senior ministers.

John Longworth, the former director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, and John Mills, the founder of JML, said the new network would provide an “alternative, post-Brexit voice” after the CBI spent months campaigning for the closest possible relationship with the EU.

The cross-party Foundation for Independence will test the views of firms using online surveys, and help to “hold the Government’s feet to the fire” on Brexit, Mr Mills said.

It’s founders said the body would campaign for comprehensive free trade deals with the EU and US and challenge attempts by pro-Remain groups to undermine the Brexit process….

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