Statement : European Commission President’s announcement

Commenting on the European Commission President’s announcement that the EU has begun legal proceedings against the United Kingdom, John Longworth, Chairman of the Independent Business Network has said:

“Today’s announcement by the European Commission President is completely unwarranted and unjustified, although typical of the sabre rattling approach of the EU. The Government’s misgivings surrounding the “poison pill” Withdrawal Agreement and our continued subjugation to the terms contained within the European Union’s state aid rules are entirely justified, especially given that implicit was the commitment of the EU to a free trade arrangement.

“No other country would sit by idly while a foreign power denies it the right to trade freely even within its own borders, so why should we? Our continued commitment to the EU state aid rules – as dictated to us within the WA – are designed to ensure the dice are loaded in the European Union’s favour. Under their terms, the house always wins.

“What’s more, compounding the issue are the realities of the post-Corona economy, both Britain and the world faces. The way out of this economic maelstrom lies not in increasing protectionism, but in free trade. We cannot afford to indulge the EU any longer.”


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